Our Gift Bonds

With the gift vouchers Ispal you can enjoy a tasting menu with wine included. You can select the bonus you want and buy it directly from our website or directly in our restaurant. For more information: 955 547 127.





Frequent questions

If I am allergic, celiac, intolerant of any food or I do not like any of the ingredients Are there alternatives?

And, as long as you notify the reservations department before entering into the same. We talk with the chef to change the menu as far as possible and suit your needs.

What if I do not show the day of the reservation or if I want to cancel it?

You should consider reserving the option to change with minimal 5 days prior to the date of the initial booking so we can reoccupy the table. Should amend or delete your reservation less than 24 hours before your bonus will no longer be valid.

Can we change the date, time and / or booking service? And extend it to more diners?

And, if it does at least five days prior to the date of the initial reservation. You should contact the reservations department, through our phone number 955 547 127, or if you prefer through our email address reservas@restauranteispal.com. Rebooking is always subject to availability Restaurant.

Can you choose the menu without wine pairing?

It's not possible. The online sale of these menus is necessarily pairing, also it includes other beverages such as water, soft drinks and beer.