Meet Seville



“Tapeando” around Seville

♦ Fried Sea Nettle Beignets topped with marinated Tuna Loin

♦ Oyster in Crispy Tempura Butter with Sevillian “Adobo”

Homage to the Andalusian Stew

♦ Hake Cococha, Andalusian Puchero & Truffled Yolk Egg

♦ Traditional Spinach & Chickpeas Gyoza

♦ Slow Cooked Shredded Meat Spanish Nem

Devouring Seville

♦ Green Tomato Gazpacho Soup, Smoked Seabass and Apple

♦ Baked White Shrimp, lightly Spicy Garlic sauce & Rabbit Kidneys

♦ Grilled Red Mullet, Sautéed Celery Root and Lobster Bisque

♦ Pickled Partridge with warm Lentil Salad and Tamarindo Sauce

♦ Grilled Deer, Cauliflower & Coffee Cream and Orange Reduction

Our Sweet moments

♦ Caramelized French toast with Incense, Vanilla Ice Cream, Clove and Orange Blossom.

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