Fall in Love with Seville


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Give us our Menu A trip through Seville that will take you on a gastronomic journey through the province of Seville through its flavors and dishes prepared with local products (Slow Food) and paired with the best Andalusian wines. This menu consists of a total of 17 dishes:


♦ Anchovies in Vinegar

♦ Fried Sea Nettle Beignets and Scarlet Prawn

♦ Fried Oyster, Cod Foie and Pil Pil of Marinated Mussels

♦ Egg, Potatoes, Iberian Ham and Truffle

♦ Roasted Suckling Pig, Mint Yogurt and Caviar, Apple Pita Bread


♦ Green Tomato Gazpacho, Smoked Croaker Fish and Apple

♦ Cuttlefish Stew with “Chickpeas”

♦ Garlic Prawns, Kidneys in Sherry and Bread

♦ Guadalquivir Sea Bass with Beef Tripe Stew and Quinoa Soufflé

♦ Gypsy Style Baked Free-Range Eggs from Doñana National Park

♦ Partridge in Lemon Marinade, Iberian Ham Flavoured Toast and Creamy White Bean Soup

♦ Pigeon in Tamarind Juice and Sunchokes


♦ Torrija (Andalusian Style French Toast), Incense and Orange Blossom

♦ Goat Cheese Ice Cream with Soup of Wild Carrot Flower

♦ Bits of Sweet Delights



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