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ISPAL, kitchen 100% Seville

ISPAL is the original name of the city of Seville dates back to the late 8th century A.C. meaning “flat land”. A gastronomic tour through the towns of the province of Seville through its flavors.

Antonio Bort


Our province

Sierra Norte, Vega del Guadalquivir, Écija County, Sierra Sur, District of Morón and Marchena, Carmona countryside, Bajo Guadalquivir, Aljarafe, Seville …..Province. Here you find the ISPAL pantry and a large cookbook of typical dishes from our province, recognized by their distinctive taste.

Enjoy your meal

Our Menu

A gastronomic journey through Seville and its province

From north to south and from east to west, ISPAL has gone out and found Sevillian producers. We aim to continue serving the best produce from Seville and supporting the work of farmers who tend to crops and livestock and process the foods of our land.

  • Sea Bass from the Isla Mayor served three ways: Grilled “Parpatana” style, Bass Rice and Sea Bass Fillet in Menudo Sauce.

  • Cod with creamed Spinach and Sierra Norte Mushrooms.

  • Suckling Pig from Constantina in its own juice, Carrot and Vainilla puree and Roasted Garlic puree

  • Retinto Sirloin from El Pedroso, with vegetables.

  • Iberian pork with roasted carrots, 16th century style

The ISPAL kitchen fuses the culinary tradition of Seville with innovative cuisine. Valuing the product, balancing flavours, contrasting textures and finding the perfect ratio. This is our ambition that we are striving towards.

  • ICan of Guadalquivir Sturgeon Caviar and Blinis.

  • Iberian Acorn-fed Ham from Alanis de la Sierra

  • Selection of our Seville author Cheeses.

  • Utrera Chicken Pâte with Fragrant Jelly and Crispy Toast.

  • Florida Goat Cheese from Espartina, stuffed with Fig, bitter apple compot and Alcala de Guadaira Vermouth jelly.

  • Green Gazpacho, Apple, Celery, Roe and Smoked Sturgeon .

  • Freshly harvested Vegetables from the market gardens of Seville.

  • My recipe of Garlic Prawns

  • Rice with snails and plankton mayonnaise with glasswort

  • “Retinta” Beef Steak Tartare

  • Elver Casserole(100 gr.)

To finish, fruit and sweets. Seville has delicious, traditional confectionary which we are learning from: Curdled milk desserts, such as tocino de cielo (crème caramel), and pan-fried desserts, such as torrija so traditional and so open to change. Also, the delicate fruits and cheeses with which we want to pay tribute to the producers who strive for excellence.

  • Preserved Lemon “Tocino de Cielo” and Herb Granita

  • Bread Pudding, Incense and Orange Blossom

  • My version of cream millefeuille

  • Selection of Cheeses

Tasting menus

♦ “Oil” and Alcala de Guadaira Bread.


♦ Home-made Iberian pork ham over bread ¨airbag¨ filled with salmorejo.

♦ My Anchovies in Vinegar.

♦ Olives, vermouth and anchovies.

♦Seafood salad with basilipo olive oil.

♦ My version of squid with potatoes stew, churro and baby squid ink.

♦ Fried little fish.


♦ Green Gazpacho, Apple, Celery, Roe and Smoked Sturgeon.

♦ Tuna with snail broth.

♦ My recipe of Garlic Prawns.

♦ Sea Bass From the Veta La Palma Estuaries and Giblets Sauce.

♦ Iberian pork with roasted carrots , 16th century style.


♦ Bread pudding, Incense and Orange Blossom

♦ Sweet bites.

♦ Optional Sampling of Cheeses 6€ pax.







In ISPAL we have an extensive wine list with more than 400 references, based on the largest collection of Sevillian and Andalusian wines in the country and the rest of the world.


Florida milk cheese goat Espartinas, stuffed fig, vermouth acid and apple Alcalá


Gazpacho green tomatoes and olives, cod and Lupine


Rice baked smoked sturgeon and crayfish Isla Mayor


The cheese factory Espartinas, Rodolfo proposes a selection of the best cheeses


Antonio Bort

Antonio Bort, executive chef of Group La Raza, is in charge of the kitchen of the ISPAL restaurant. Despite his youth, he contributes an extensive experience, and won numerous professional awards such as the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Andalusian Legacy Award in 2009, and Canal Sur ́s TV cooking program “The Tapa is ours”.

n 2016, he won the award for the most traditional tapa in the National Competition of Hors d ́oevres and Tapas, organized by the City of Valladolid; and he won the first prize in the Top Gourmet Seville Tapas Week and the Cruzcampo Tapa Masters.

In the same year, he was also highly praised by Rocala, another establishment of Group La Raza. Under his direction Rocala won, by popular vote, the GURME ABC Seville Award for the best opening of 2016; and the Fogones Seville Prize, awarded by the Association of Seville for Gourmet Establishment Revelation of 2016.

His obsession is to make every product shine, and to promote the scope and quality of Sevillian products.